About Us

"Guidance Through Example"

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police Guardians Association is an organization comprised of African-American, Latino, and other Uniformed and Civilian employees of the MTA Police Department. The purpose of our formation was to effectively promote justice and fairness within the M.T.A Police Department.

Our Missions is:

  1. To develop a Spirit of brotherhood and good fellowship among its members, the members of the entire Department, and the Community it serves.
  2. To promote equal opportunities in promotions, appointments, and assignments for all members of the Department.
  3. To provide a strong African American and Latino forum to address the purpose of resolving any bias, unethical or discriminatory treatment. 
  4. To provide guidance to our members with mentorships and encourage our membership to familiarize themselves with material that will enhance their knowledge of Policing.
  5. To provide positive role models for the Department, our families, and our Communities.