"Guidance Through Example"

2020  NYC Council of Retired Guardians, Grand Council, MTAPD Guardians, Black Lives Matter, NC Guardians, & FDNY Vulcan Society

2020   MTA Police Guardians Mask Giveaway


2020   88th Precinct Solidarity Demonstration


2020   Grand Council Riker’s Island Press Conference

2020   NABLEO Board Swearing In Ceremony


2019 MTAPD Guardian’s Holiday Gift – Away

2019 Holiday Gift giveaway


2019 MTAPD Guardian’s Awards Dinner



2019 MTAPD Guardian’s Blue Carpet Gala


2019 Grand Council of Guardians Women’s History Month Celebration

2018 MTAPD Guardian’s Holiday Gift – Away

2018 NYPD 42 PCT 1st Annual Tree Lighting



2018 Grand Council Of Guardian’s Awards Dinner



2018 MTAPD Guardian’s Awards Dinner


2018 MTAPD Guardian’s School Supplies & Backpack Giveaway